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Weekly Photo Challenge - Out of This World

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Debbie Scott

This weeks Photo Challenge, Out of This World, has us “share a picture that takes us on a journey into the unknown.” Here are 16 photos with my interpretation of the challenge. First up are a couple of flora photos…

Next are a couple of kaleidoscope/mirrored photos. They always make nature look out of this world…

I’ve included a couple of processed photos made to look out of this world…

One of my favorite places in California is Point Lobos when it is overcast. The rocks look out of this world…

Point Lobos - Bird Rock in the Fog
Bird Rock in the Fog

The last 3 photos are from an area that has shown up in TV shows and movies…Vasquez rocks. The formations have appeared in episodes of NCIS, CSI and Star Trek, to name 3. As for movies, they filmed The Flintstones there. I processed the photos to give even more of an Out of This World look.

For a list of TV shows, movies, and music videos filmed there, check out the Wikipedia page here.

Vasquez Rocks - Otherworld 3
Vasquez Rocks - Otherworld 3

To see more photos of Out of This World, click here.

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9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Out of This World

    • If you ever make it back to California, Point Lobos is just south of Carmel and well worth a few days scouring the reserve. Nature is truly an artist there, as you noticed with the rocks I showed.

      • I’ve been there once but don’t remember what I saw — seals or a lighthouse? or maybe I drove past. For some reason I see the sign in my head but I’m not pulling up anything else from the memory banks

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