Weekly Photo Challenge – Growth

This weeks Photo Challenge, Growth, has us “Evoke the excitement of entering a new year with a photo that shows growth.” Two of the photos are recent, while the third photo was taken while hiking at Solstice Canyon in August of 2013.

Nature is surely amazing, whatever man builds, nature seeks to reclaim as its own. First is a vine growing up a concrete wall, the second is nature taking back an abandoned home in Solstice Canyon.

WPC - Growth 1
A vine crawls up a concrete wall
WPC - Growth 2
Stone and brick ruins of The Robert’s Ranch house being taken over by growth.

Trees reach for the sky. Their growth only limited by other trees whose limbs are in the way.

WPC - Growth 3
Growth of a tree

To see more photos of Growth, click here.

Loggin' Off Debbie

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  1. There’s something about abandoned structures that makes you wonder about the people who were once there. Someone built that house above with a dream…

    1. I wish I could remember the story of that house. I think it had something to do with a wildfire and/or floods. I do wonder about the family and what the house looked like before they had to abandon it.

      I did a search and found that the house(s) in the canyon were destroyed by a wildfire in 2007. The house above was “designed by architect Paul Revere Williams in 1952. In 1929, Williams became the first African American member of the American Institute of Architects and later designed a prominent landmark at the Los Angeles International Airport, the “LAX Theme Building (1961).””

      1. That is so interesting! I love how our curiosity leads us to learn these things

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