Weekly Photo Challenge – Cheeky

In October of 2012 I was house sitting for a couple of friends. This particular day, I got to stalk with an egret on their 4-acre compound. While I got lots of photos of it catching lizards, the Cheeky photos came later, when it flew on top of their 2-story house.

I present you with the Cheeky Egret!

WPC - Cheeky 1
Is this my good side?
WPC - Cheeky 2
No, you can't have my coat!
WPC - Cheeky 3
Do you mind if I scratch my bird butt.

To see more photos of Cheeky, click here.

Just Have to Share These:
Cheeky by The Eclectic Eccentric
Cheeky by Nes Felicio Photography
Cheeky by Pierr Morgan

Loggin' Off Debbie

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  1. Certainly seems as if it is wearing a coat – magician like, making its cheeks vanish…

    1. To me he/she was either flashing me, or trying to sell me something from inside its coat. LOL

    1. After “hunting” with it (me taking pictures), I wasn’t about to stop when it flew on top of my friends’ roof. Right place, right time. Glad that you liked the pictures.

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