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Each weekend, starting Friday, I will be giving away something for free; to start it might only be textures, but as I get more into (digital) mixed media, it might be digital stencils, digital brushes, or even an image that you can use. I hope that you enjoy creating with the freebies.

Note: The file will expire Sunday evening at 9:30 PM (Pacific Time).

This weeks freebie was created in the trial version of Filter Forge 8 using the Perlin Filter by Vladimir Golovin. The final image size is 6000 x 4000 @ 300 dpi. The file size is 18.37 MB.

Note: The repeating pattern is not included on the file you download.

Weekend Freebie Featured Image 12-14-18
Weekend Freebie #50

You may sell any artwork you create with this texture, as long as it is not the dominant part of your artwork.

You MAY NOT sell the texture as your own or include it as part of a group/package of downloads.

Questions? Confused? Contact me!

Here's a couple of samples using this weeks image.

Weekend Freebie Sample 1 12-14-18
Blend Mode: Color Burn @ 100%
Weekend Freebie Sample 2 12-14-18
Blend Mode: Multiply @ 100%

I would love to see what you create with this texture. Feel free to leave a link to where you’ve posted a picture.

Have a Good Weekend Debbie

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  1. love the before and after pics, it’s cool how even though it’s tan, it seems to pop up the color of the leaf, warming it

    1. That kind of surprised me as I wasn’t expecting it to “pop” the colors…it even darkened the grass.

      1. it’s great how experimenting gives unexpected results often leading to new directions

        1. I think that’s why I like experimenting so much…especially with the weekly freebies.

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