While trying to re-create the background image from my Cherita post, long story, I ended up creating a new piece. It started with flipping the background image vertically and horizontally, changing the blend mode to “negation” and lowering the opacity to 90%. I liked the tropical look it was taking on.

As I played around with the parrot tulip photo with different kaleidoscope settings, I would use the shape tool in Affinity Photo to get different parts of multiple kaleidoscope pieces to use in this artwork. Once I was finished with the background, I set out to create a 3D girl in Daz Studio to use as the subject. The haiku came to me after I put her in the scene.

California girl
likes to surf in Malibu
a stereotype

About the digital mixed media artwork. It was created in Affinity Photo with kaleidoscope pieces and mirroring to get this look. I re-prosessed the parrot tulip image then played around with different kaleidoscope settings. When I saw a design I liked, I used the element in the image.

  1. Photo of a parrot tulip flower (that I used in the Cherita post) flipped vertically and horizontally
  2. Text brush that I created  and stamped several times in different areas of the image
  3. Diamond kaleidoscope shape
  4. Re-processed image rotated and put on left and right hand sides
  5. Circular kaleidoscope pieces tucked into upper left and lower right corners
  6. Triangular kaleidoscope pieces moved over part of middle diamond
  7. Orange kaleidoscope pieces
  8. Kaleidoscope flowers
  9. Kaleidoscope “surfboard”
  10. Shar, my newest 3D character
  11. Background overlay
  12. Beveled border (not shown)

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