Friday Freebie – Jan 26, 2018: Abstract Spray Inks

Today’s freebie was created using Spray Inks on Mixed Media paper. Actually, the texture is a scanned baby wipe that I used to clean up the overspray. The bonus freebie was created by setting my ink colored stencil, ink side down, on a wet baby wipe. I scanned both (dry) baby wipes at 600 dpi so you have a high resolution image to play with. The final image size, after shrinking down a bit, is 6000 x 4000 @ 300 dpi. The bonus freebie is 4000 x 4000 @ 300 dpi. The .zip file is 31.04 MB

Here is a sample to show you how I used both of today’s free textures. I used Jixipix’s RipPix app and Affinity Photo to create this digital mixed media piece. RipPix created the nice “torn” paper look on the left, everything else was created/put together in Affinity Photo; the hearts were created using the shape tool. I used the iPad version of Affinity Photo, and my Apple Pencil, to create the dots in the green heart…and around all 3 hearts, then added an emboss fx.

Image that I made using both of today's freebies
Image that I made using both of today's freebies

I would love to see what you create with this texture. Feel free to leave a link to where you’ve posted a picture.

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