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I love our Mexican Sage Bush in the backyard…so do the hummingbirds, bees, and the occasional butterfly…unfortunately, none of them were feeding on the bush yesterday afternoon. I’ve really been enjoying playing with my Olympus OM-D EM-5 setup.

5 days down, 360 to go!!

Mexican Sage Bush
Mexican Sage Bush

Photo Info

Olympus OM-D EM-5
Manual focus (vintage) Sigma 50mm f2.8 macro (Nikon mount) with Nikon-m4/3 converter and 20mm extension tube
ISO 200 – f/5.6 – 1/750

RAW photo was post processed in Luminar 3

Loggin' Off Debbie

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  1. I love how furry and vibrant this looks. It’s fun how an extreme closeup almost makes plants look extraterrestial

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