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Last August I got a Xenvo lens kit for my iPhone SE. Using the macro lens setup along with Camera-M app, I was able to get within a quarter of an inch of any subject and get a pretty good macro shot. I didn’t need to get in that close for this shot, but I liked how close I was able to get.

I processed the photo on my iPad Pro. I used Snapseed first and saved out 2 versions. Next I used Affinity Photo to blend the 2 files from Snapseed and added some motion blur (then blended in the result from the Snapseed files). The final app I used was Vintage Scene which added the final texture overlay.

12 days down, 353 to go!!

The Gathering
The Gathering

Photo info

iPhone SE (Camera-M app)
ISO 25 – f/2.2 – 1/513 – 4mm -2.0ev

Photo was processed on my iPad Pro using Snapseed, Affinity Photo, and Vintage Scene.

Loggin' Off Debbie

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