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First off, Happy Easter (to those who celebrate the holiday)! My plan for this morning was to go for a hike or to walk around Moorpark College and take pictures. As I was getting ready to leave, my dog started whining then acting weird. I thought maybe he just wanted to play ball, or for me not to leave; we went into the backyard and I hit the ball for him…again he started whining and acting weird. I decided to stay at home and look after him. After putting his food down for him to eat, I went out into the front yard with my camera and got some photos; then I put the camera away, checked to make sure he was okay, and got out my iPad Pro and went back outside to use the Photo Booth app to take more photos. We have 3 rose bushes in planters, the two on the end are a deep red, borderline burgundy; the bush in the middle is multicolor pinkish-red. That’s the one you see in today’s photo.

111 days down, 254 to go!!

Bloomin' Beautiful
Bloomin’ Beautiful


iPad Pro with Photo Booth App
ISO 25 – f/2.2 – 1/739 – 0.0EV – 29mm

Photo was processed in Darkroom

Loggin' Off Debbie

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  1. Did you give your dog any Easter eggs because that might be the problem. They have trouble peeling them and the shells upset their stomach…

    1. I’m not into making Easter eggs, or hard boiled eggs for that matter. It happened 1 time before months ago and he felt better after leaving a “pile”, I didn’t see him do that today, but once he saw I wasn’t leaving he seemed better. Later on I did give him some plain, unsweetened yoghurt that he couldn’t get enough of…he was buried up to his eyes as he licked the bottom of the quart container.

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