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Outside of my daffodils, all my other flowers (the tulips and gladiolus) are “leaving me”. I decided to take some fun photos of the gladiolus with the Photo Booth app on my iPad Pro this morning. The “life forms” I capture always amaze me; sometimes there are more than one of them that shows up in each photo. They also aren’t something to quickly look at, they are meant to slow you down and look around. Can you see the Emperor’s face? There are also many smaller faces all over his body.

106 days down, 259 to go!!

The Emperor's New Clothes
The Emperor’s New Clothes


iPad Pro with Photo Booth App
ISO 20 – f/1.8 – 1/293 – 0.0EV – 4mm

Photo was post processed in Pixelmator Photo
Photo was manipulated in Affinity Photo for iPad

Loggin' Off Debbie

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