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For day 100 I thought I would do something fun. I’m a big fan of the Photo Booth app that comes on iPad’s, my favorite modes are Kaleidoscope and Mirror. I really wish that Apple included the app on the iPhone’s as they are much easier to handle for taking pictures. I was going around to all of my open flowers and first taking kaleidoscope photos, then mirrored photos. Mirrored photos are great for flowers as you can get all kinds of “faces” or beings, like in today’s photo. You have the main “being” then there is a new insect (spider) heading towards he/she/it.

100 days down, 265 to go!!

Rocket Man and the Spider From Mars
Rocket Man and the Spider From Mars


iPad Pro using Photo Booth app
ISO 20 – f/1.8 – 1/2519 – 0.0 EV – 4mm

Photo processed in Snapseed

Loggin' Off Debbie

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