Weekend Freebie Featured Image 11-16-18

11-16-18 Concrete Grunge

This weeks freebie was created by combining 4 different photos of concrete in Topaz Studio, then throwing in some AI Remix. The final image size is 6000 x 4000 @ 300 dpi. The file size is 15 MB.

Some About Me

  • For a while I was running 2 blogs that are still hosted on WordPress.com (here and here)
  • I love hiking and being out in nature
  • I love to travel
  • I have been to Thailand twice, Palau once, and the Yucatan Peninsula once
  • I have been a vegetarian since birth
  • I have a sister who was born on my 2nd birthday
  • I love hummingbirds
  • I’m mommy to three two one fur baby
  • I love fantasy and science fiction
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Weekend Freebie 06-29-18
Weekend Freebie

Weekend Freebie 06-29-18: Concentric Circles

Each weekend, starting Friday, I will be giving away something for free; to start it might only be textures, but as I get more into (digital) mixed media, it might be digital stencils, digital brushes, or even an image that you can use. I hope that you enjoy creating with the freebies. Today’s freebie was created in Affinity Designer…

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The Zone - Digital Art
Digital Art

The Zone

Yesterday I posted the image below. It was created using last weekends freebie. When I created the texture, I knew that it was perfect for a map. So when I got some free time, I made my version of a map.

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Nani Cherita
Digital Art

Nani, and my first cherita

I recently found out about Cherita‘s from Mary, at Cactus Haiku, last month. Since I like writing the occasional haiku, I thought I’d try writing a cherita. I had forgotten about trying to write one, when Mary asked me yesterday if I had written one yet. I told her when my image was finished I was going to give it a try. Well, here is my first attempt.

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