First off, Happy Easter (to those who celebrate the holiday)! My plan for this morning was to go for a hike or to walk around Moorpark College and take pictures.

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Some About Me

  • For a while I was running 2 blogs that are still hosted on WordPress.com (here and here)
  • I love hiking and being out in nature
  • I love to travel
  • I have been to Thailand twice, Palau once, and the Yucatan Peninsula once
  • I have been a vegetarian since birth
  • I have a sister who was born on my 2nd birthday
  • I love hummingbirds
  • I’m mommy to three two one fur baby
  • I love fantasy and science fiction
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From the Blog

The Gathering
365 Project

Day 12 of 365

Last August I got a Xenvo lens kit for my iPhone SE. Using the macro lens setup along with Camera-M app, I was able to get within a quarter of an inch of any subject and get a pretty good macro shot. I didn’t need to get in that close for this shot, but I liked how close I was able to get.

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365 Project

Day 32 of 365

Getting a late start today on my 365 project. I didn’t get a chance to take any photos today, so I’m using one that I shot yesterday of a very small jade flower.

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