I recently found out about Cherita‘s from Mary, at Cactus Haiku, last month. Since I like writing the occasional haiku, I thought I’d try writing a cherita. I had forgotten about trying to write one, when Mary asked me yesterday if I had written one yet. I told her when my image was finished I was going to give it a try. Well, here is my first attempt.

nani awoke in a new land

she was immediately
surrounded by invisibles

had a close encounter
with one while the others
playfully hid

About the digital mixed media artwork. It was created in Affinity Photo and lots of elements were used to get this look…

  1. Photo of a parrot tulip flower (broken down into 2 sections)
  2. Honeycomb Texture that I created in Affinity Designer
  3. Textured brushes that I don’t remember where I downloaded from as I’ve had them for almost 10 years!
  4. Foliage Swirls Brush (I think I got from Obsidian Dawn’s website way back when)
  5. Another Foliage Swirls Brush (same as 4)
  6. Text Brush (one of seven brushes) that I created in Affinity Photo
  7. Dandelion Brushes (used 3 of the 20 brushes I created from silhouette renders of one of my 3D characters)
  8. Nani, one of my latest 3D characters created in Daz Studio
  9. Another version of background layer blended over all layers

If you would like to read more cherita’s, check out thecherita.com. They have a “flip book” where you can read people’s submissions.

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  1. The invisible friends of childhood….. It’s fascinating how you create these images, Debbie. I enjoyed the poem and always the images!

    1. Aixa, the images, more times than not, create themselves. Rarely do I start an image with a picture in my mind of a final look. I love my imagination and being open to creating something from nothing. Thank you for commenting, and I’m glad you liked it.

  2. That’s very cool. I love the artwork,how you made the faeries almost invisible.

    1. Mary, I used Screen blending mode and lowered the opacity. It also depends on where your subject is and the background, as to which blending mode makes them almost invisible. Glad you liked it. How did I do on the cherita?

      1. oh, the Cherita ws the “very cool” part of the comment. I just realized that “that’s” is a tad open-ended. Should have been “The cherita is very cool.”

        1. It wrote itself as I was looking at the finished image. Have you seen the cherita, vol. 2? http://www.thecherita.com/vol2/ I was reading some of the cherita’s in there to get a better idea of what they look like/how they’re written.

          1. I love that when that happens (writes itself). no , I haven’t seen vol. 2. I’ll go over now to check it out. I read a few but they were with articles on the cherita form.

  3. very nice. I admire your skill and talent.

    1. Thank you so much. I look forward to seeing more of your photos of New Mexico.

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