Mirrored Amaryllis 1

My Latest Project – Amaryllis People

Written ByDebbie Scott Who this is for: Beginners or anyone who is interested in how I created these images from an Amaryllis photo. What you’ll need: an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch (not 100% sure if it will work on the Touch) Mirrored app Spektrel Art or Tangled FX BeCasso This post is similar to Using … Read more

Hummingbird on Fence - After

ON1 Photo RAW 2018 Public Beta

I have a photo that I took back in 2009 using the Sony HX-1 that was taken in the early morning hours and was on the dark side, to say the least. My other 2 obstacles were the dpi, only 72, and the aggressive jpg pattern that seems to be with all photos taken with that camera. I wasn’t looking for a miracle, I just wanted to have an artistic picture of the hummingbird on the fence.